Club Records

On this page you can find our current club records, review the conditions and download a record application form by clicking on the relevant link below.

We will add pictures of Record Breakers for the swim year will be added to the page.

Every effort is taken to make the process as speedy as possible. The process is as follows

* Record applications are submitted by the swimmer up to a month after the swim. Late applications are not accepted.

* Record application will be received collected, checked and submitted at the next committee meeting for ratification. This is normally within the next calendar month.

* Certificates can then be produced, signed and distributed and the web site updated (This could take another calendar month)

Club Records

Under 11 Boys
Under 13 Boys
Under 15 Boys
Under 17 Boys

Under 11 Girls
Under 13 Girls
Under 15 Girls
Under 17 Girls

When a record is broken, the new record holder is awarded a club certificate.


Conditions of application