Club Kit List

Swim equipment such as fins, paddles and snorkels are an integral part of swim training, and are really important to get the most out of our sessions. There is a huge variety of equipment available, and choosing what is best for your child is often very difficult. Unfortunately there are some designs out there which are not great, or are not appropriate for competitive swimming. Based on observing the Black Lion squads, and past experience, I have put together the following recommendations. We are not at all suggesting that existing equipment has to be immediately replaced – just that when it comes to change, these options should be considered.



List of Equipment needed per squad

(Junior swimmers are 13&Under, Senior 14&Over)


Developmental squads/Junior swimmers - Bronze, Silver and Age Skills Squads: Finis Triangle Kickboard, Junior pull buoy, long swimming fins


Advanced squads/Junior swimmers - Gold, Development and Performance Squads, Sprint Squad, Fit Swim: Junior Kickboard, Junior pull buoy, ankle bands, long swimming fins, finger paddles, snorkel


Senior Swimmers - Elite, Sprint Squad, Fit Swim: Senior Kickboard, Senior pull buoy, ankle bands, fins (as below), snorkel, finger paddles, hand paddles


A guide to equipment – all types of equipment and brands listed below are highly recommended and preferred option.


These are the most critical to get right. They need to be training fins for competitive swimming otherwise they can cause injury to either the wearer or others in the lane.


For Advanced Squads and Senior swimmers

Strong kicker – Hydro Tech 2


Average kicker – Arena PowerFin:


For Developmental squads and for weak kickers in higher squads - Finis Long Floating Fins:



Finis Triangle Kickboard:


Suggested Junior or Senior Kickboard (you can select size JR or SR):



No specific brand recommendation for these, but the size should be appropriate for age (ie Junior and Senior). Junior pull buoys are usually half the size (length/thickness) of a Senior one.



Freestyle or diving snorkels should not be used.

Example Finis snorkel:



TYR Catalyst 2:

Yellow for Junior swimmers, Red for Senior swimmers



Example model:



Decathlon: Ankle Bands