South East Region Swimming Championships – Head Coach Report

The May bank holiday weekend saw the end of the South East Region Swimming Championships 2017 and now is a good time to look at the successes of the championships for BLSC as well as the progress our swimmers are making.

This year we had 22 swimmers achieve either automatic or consideration qualifying times in over 70 events for the championships.  With the event being oversubscribed 17 of those swimmers were successful in securing places in 60 individual events an increase on last year’s 42 events from 17 swimmers.

In the 15/over Championships held in Wycombe at the end of April we had 7 swimmers competing in 11 events, along with a girl’s 4x100m freestyle relay team.  All of the swimmers improved on their entry positions within the Region and lots of personal best times were achieved.  The highlights included a bronze medal for Bethany in the 50m Breaststroke and both Ben and Chloe making finals for the 200m Fly (Ben), 100m and 200m Breaststroke (Chloe).

This compares to 2016, where the club only had 2 swimmers competing in 4 events, one of whom made the finals.  All 7 of the swimmers qualifying in the 15/over championships in 2017 were 14/under in 2016.

18260727_10154748389102515_1431797672_o (1)

In the 14/under championships held at Crawley we had 15 swimmers gain automatic or consideration qualifying times with 5 of them just missing out on getting selected for swims.  Again there was an increase on the number of events each competitor qualified for and some great swims and PB’s for the 10 swimmers competing, including a number of finals and medals.   The highlights included 6 medal position finishes from David and finals for both Oliver (100m/200m Breaststroke) and Holly (50m Butterfly).   In total our 14/under swimmers gained 11 top 8 places with a number just missing out and finishing 9th or 10th.

This again compares to 2016, where the club had 15 swimmers competing and only gained 3 top 8 places.

ser 2017 image 3

2017 has seen BLSC have an increase in the number of swimmers gaining qualifying times to enter the championships then previous years.  Although only 17 were successful in having swims accepted the number of swim accepted increased from 42 to 60 swims with a quarter (15) of those 60 swims resulting in a top 8 finish.

This was a very good result for BLSC.

Full results below (not including swims withdrawn from on the day)

Top eight finishes

top 8 image

results SER 2017



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