Gala Information

The purpose of this is to help make clear the competitive structure of the club, from Club Championships and Club Time Trials through to Inter Club/Team Galas, Medway A.S.A Championships, Kent County Championships, South East Regional Championships and National Championships.

All these are run under A.S.A Laws except the time trials, which are run on an informal basis and are used to assess the progress of your child throughout the year.

Licensed Galas

The majority of Galas are licensed and require competitors to be ‘ASA Category 2’ registered. The exceptions to this are our Club Championships and Medway A.S.A Championships; for these Galas competitors can be ‘ASA Category 1’ registered.

Galas are licensed at 4 levels. License level 3&4 galas will have slower or no entry time requirements than the licensed level 1&2 galas. Swimmers need to achieve qualifying times at the correct licence level galas to enter Kent, Regional and National Championships.

Swimmers times from all licensed gala results will be published on the Swim England rankings.

A full list of supported galas, licence levels and recommended squads can be found on the website fixtures list, on the notice boards at Strood Leisure Centre, the Maths School and on the Swim Club Manager calendar.

Our supported events entry documents and gala calendar will be in the Black Lion Google Drive.

The fixture list with recommended open meets is regularly updated and posted on the website. Keep an eye out for gala information emails from the gala team.

Entries to all galas need to be made by individual swimmers through swim club manager unless stated as a team/coach selected gala. Fees must be paid when entries are invoiced. Please include your invoice number.

Swimmers are selected by the coaches for inter club and team galas and notification of selection will be received via email. Times achieved at these galas will not be available on Swim England rankings but will be available by logging into Swim Club Manager.

Club Championships

  • Club championships are open to all fully paid up members (regardless of age). You have to have been a member of Black Lion Swimming Club for a minimum of 1 calendar month prior to the closing date for the club championships to be eligible to win an award.
  • Club Championships are swum under ASA Law and ASA Technical Rules.
  • Swimmers from all squads (Bronze through to Masters) should enter our Club Championships.
  • The club championships are normally held in September and October, but are subject to change.
  • All events are open to all swimmers with the exception of the 800m freestyle which is restricted to girls only and the 1500m freestyle is restricted to boys only. Entry to both the 800m and 1500m freestyle events are restricted to swimmers who are members of Development, Youth Development, Performance, Elite and Masters squads that are aged 11 years or over at the 31st December in the year of the championships.
  • Age groups for events 9 and under, 10 years, 11years 12 years, 13years 14 years, 15years 16 years 17 years and over. Swimmers will swim in the age group for the age they will be on the last day of the championships.

Entries for Club Championships should be submitted via swim club manager.

Time Trials

  • These are run on throughout the year and are not always licensed.
  • All swimmers who train in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Development Performance and elite squads should take part where invited.
  • These trials are very valuable both to coaches and to the team selector.
  • Our coaches are able to judge progress of the swimmers from times achieved.
  • These times are often used in team selection for timebased galas.
  • The times achieved during these time trials cannot always be used as entry times for other galas if they are not licensed.
  • You will be emailed and notified when time trials are taking place.

Medway A.S.A Age Group Championships

  • The Medway’s are open to all swimmers who will have reached the age of 10 years by 31st December of the competition year.
  • If you are unsure what events to enter then please contact you squad coach.
  • There are also age group relays. Selection for the teams is made by the team coach. If you are unable to swim please make it known as soon as possible to allow time for a replacement to be found.
  • Entries for Medway age group and individual events should be submitted via swim club manage

Open Meets

  • Open Meets are hosted by individual clubs throughout the year and provide an opportunity for swimmers to compete against other club swimmers.
  • The BLSC Opens should be a priority event and we would like all swimmers from Bronze upwards taking part.
  • These events are held at various venues across the country and can be Short Course (25m pools) or Long Course (50m pools).
  • Entry fees will vary in price depending on what type of open it is.
  • Qualifying times (QTs) may be required to swim in certain events/galas please read the gala entry pack.
  • Please use your child’s times which are on the ASA rankings when entering, if your child doesn’t have an entry time please seek advice from your squad coach.
  • These events often have a maximum number of entries accepted. If your entry is not accepted then a refund will be issued.
  • Please ensure that you download the correct gala information for each gala and return your completed entry forms by the closing date so that the entries can be processed and sent in time. Please use the Black Lion SC Generic entry form located in our google drive, or email entry details including ASA Number, Date of birth and entry times.
  • Each meet we are going to attend as a swimming club will be advertised on our fixture list.
  • Entries for Open Meets should be submitted via swim club manager.

Kent County Championships

  • The Kent’s are the next step in the competition ladder.
  • These events take place in January and February
  • Clubs from all over Kent enter the championships therefore the standard is very high.
  • Swimmers must achieve qualifying times to compete at these championships. Qualifying times will be accepted from galas licensed at levels 1,2,3 or 4.
  • Full details for the championships, qualifying times and closing dates for entries will be posted on our website as soon as the club has them.
  • All swimmers achieving automatic or consideration qualifying times should enter these championships.
  • Entries for the Kent Championships should be submitted via swim club manager
  • Relay teams are also entered; the Head Coach selects these swimmers.

South East Regionals

  • The South East summer regionals are held over weekends in May and June.
  • The South East winter regionals are held at the beginning November.
  • Swimmers from the south of England compete in these championships and the standard of swimmers is even higher than the Kent’s.
  • Swimmers must achieve qualifying times to compete at these championships. Qualifying times will be accepted from galas licensed at levels 1,2,or 3.
  • Full details for the championships, qualifying times and closing dates for entries will be posted on our website as soon as the club has them.
  • All swimmers achieving automatic or consideration qualifying times should enter these championships.


  • These are generally held in July and August.
  • Swimmers from all over the UK compete in these events.
  • There are qualifying times that need to be achieved to compete at this level. See for conditions of entry.

Team Galas

  • Team galas take place throughout the year.
  • Children are selected by the Coach to represent the club at these galas.
  • In the Kent Junior League and the National Arena Swimming League children who are 9 years
  • old by the end of the year are only permitted to swim in relays.
  • Children have to be 10 years old by the end of the year to do individual races.
  • You will be notified via your squad rep if your child has been selected.
  • Please note no payment is required for any child selected to represent the club at these galas.
  • The swimmer just needs to report to the coach to acknowledge they are present before warm up starts
  • The team galas we compete at are:

Development Galas

  • There are six of these galas run each year. Each competing club will hold one at their home pool.
  • Kent Junior League
  • The Club competes in this league competition each year.
  • This is a junior competition for swimmers aged thirteen and under.
  • There are three galas each and every year.
  • The points at the end of all three galas decide which league we are in.

National Arena Swimming League

  • This event is over three galas and the points at the end of all three decide which league we stay in.
  • The dates will be on the fixture list at the beginning of each year/once confirmed.

Finally one of the most important aspects of any club is to have the swimmers and parent’s enthusiasm, interest and support. Winning as an individual is tremendous, but when you win for the club it can be just as rewarding for yourself, your team mates and coaches. When you are selected to swim for the club the ultimate crime is failure to turn up. If you are unable to swim for any reason, please give the selectors as much notice as possible.

When you are representing the club either as an individual or as part of a team we would like to see you in a Black Lion hat and on poolside a Black Lion T shirt and black tracksuit bottoms. Club kit is available via the club shop on Swim Club Manager