Club Kit

Black Lion offer a variety of personalised kit and the full list and current price are detailed below.

All club kit must be ordered through swim club manager. If you have any queries regarding any of the club kit, sizes etc please speak to Lindsey.

BLSC Kit Prices 2018

Polo Shirts

Ages 9-11/12-13/14-15 £13

Small/Med/Large/Xl £16

Ladies fit: Sm/Med/Large £12

Name printed on back £3


Small/Med/Large/Xl £15

Name printed on Back £3


Age 11-12 £20

XS/Small/Med/Large/XL £22

Name printed on front £3

Swimming Caps

Plain £6.50

Named £9.50 *

Towels - Black/White

Embroidered named hand towel £15

Embroidered named bath towel £20

Drink Bottle

Silver/White (named) £10


Rucksacks (named) £22

Holdall (named) £25


Beanie Hats (Black/Red/White) £10

Joggers (9-11/12-13/Small/Med/Large) £13

Name Printed £3


Boys (7-8/ 9-11/ 12-13/small/Med/Large) £13

Girls (7-8/ 9-11/ 12-13/Small/Med/Large) £13

Name printed £3

*Orders can only be sent to suppliers when a minimum of 25 caps are on order. There may be a delay in receiving this item.